Thursday, 8 June 2017

Listen to a new compilation album of cover songs from Sofia Coppola films

Next months sees the release of American director Sofia Coppola's (Somewhere) latest film The Beguiled. To celebrate the film's imminent release, Super Fan 99 Records have announced a movie themed 50th release inspired by the films of Coppola, comprising covers of songs featured in her movies.

"We've been long time admirers of Sofia Coppola's movies since renting The Virgin Suicides (1999) from our local Blockbuster," says the record label about the release. "Film after film was soundtracked with the most impeccable selections playing a key role in the overall aesthetic of her movies. It seems the part the music plays in transporting you to her worlds has not gone unnoticed with the vinyl soundtracks of Lost In Translation (2003) and Marie Antoinette (2006) sometimes selling for up to £300 a piece.

"We asked bands from our label and beyond to choose songs from the soundtracks and cover them for this unique release and the response was great. Bands from as far a field as China, New Zealand and Scotland have contributed tracks ranging from lo-fi bedroom 4 track recordings to full band studio versions and we are now very excited to present 'Sofia Songs' The compilation marks the 50th release on the label and perfectly marries our love of film and DIY music culture."

Illustrator and long time Super Fan collaborator Kieran Gabriel has designed the sleeve and each boxed cassette copy will also include a movie script style guide book with detailed facts on each movie and it's music. Songs by Air, Phoenix, Frank Ocean, My Bloody Valentine and many more have been reworked by popular Super Fan bands.

Sofia Songs will be released via on 7 July. You can check out the full track list below:

1. Sugar Candy Mountain - Playground Love (Air cover from The Virgin Suicides)
2. Winter - City Girl (Kevin Shields cover from Lost In Translation)
3. JUNKS - Hong Kong Garden (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover from Marie Antoniette)
4. Mooncall - I'll Try Anything Once (Julian Casablancas cover from Somewhere)
5. The Pooches - What's So Funny Bout Peace, Love and Understanding? (Elvis Costello cover from Lost In Translation)
6. Lips - Super Rich Kids (Frank Ocean cover from The Bling Ring)
7. Dot Plaza  - Too Young (Phoenix cover from Lost In Translation)
8. Mtbrd - So Far Away (Carole King cover from The Virgin Suicides)
9. Calvin Love - I'm Not In Love (10cc cover from The Virgin Suicides)
10. Free Cake For Every Creature - Just Like Honey (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover from Lost In Translation)
11. Patsy's Rats - More Than This (Roxy Music cover from Lost In Translation)
12. Queen of Jeans - Cool (Gwen Stefani cover from Somewhere)
13. Husband Material - Bad Girls (MIA cover from The Bling Ring)
14. Matt McKee - What Ever Happened? (The Strokes cover from Marie Antoinette)

The Beguiled, meanwhile, arrives in cinemas on 14 July.

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