Saturday, 13 May 2017

New one sheet for Rough Night arrives online

Sony Pictures have just released their latest one sheet for Lucia Aniello's (Broad City) Rough Night.

With Bridesmaids (2011) and Bad Moms (2016) finding success at the box office, it is good to see more female led comedies hitting screens. The latest, launched with a silly, riotous, red band trailer finds Scarlett Johansson (Lucy) having a Rough Night.

Formerly under the title Rock That Body, Rough Night stars Johansson as Jess, a bride-to-be heading with her college friends for a wild bachelorette trip. Joining her on the trip are Zoë Kravitz's (Mad Max: Fury Road) Blair, Jillian Bell's (22 Jump Street) Alice, Kate McKinnon's (Ghostbusters) Pippa and Ilana Glazer's (The Night Before) Frankie, intending to drink, party and otherwise have a good time. But events take a darker turn when the male stripper they hire for some entertainment accidentally dies... And then the question becomes whether they cover up the death or admit what happened.

Coming across as movies such as the aforementioned Bad Moms, The Hangover (2009) and Very Bad Things (1998), blended together in a cocktail shaker, Rough Night is directed by Broad City veteran Lucia Aniello, who also wrote the script alongside fellow City writer Paul W. Downs, who appears in the movie.

Rough Night will arrive in cinemas 16 June.

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