Sunday, 21 May 2017

Joe Manganiello and Marley Shelton set to join Rampage

News arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike) and Marley Shelton (Planet Terror) are set to join Dwayne Johnson (San Andreas) in the video game adaption Rampage.

Those of a certain age will remember feeding coins into the arcade cabinet (and later playing at home) to control three giant monsters – George (a giant gorilla), Lizzie (a huge lizard) and Ralph (a raging werewolf), who were normal humans until they were the subject of experiments by the nefarious Scumlabs and turned into their monstrous forms. Johnson is playing an animal loving hero who may be the only hope for saving the world, while Naomie Harris (SPECTRE) is on as a geneticist with a moral streak who decides to help.

Now we can add Manganiello as the leader of a private military group and Shelton – wife of producer Beau Flynn, who is reuniting with Johnson after San Andreas (2015) – playing an astronaut.

With San Andreas director Brad Peyton overseeing the madness, Rampage will be stomping into cinemas April next year.

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