Friday, 17 March 2017

Ridley Scott set to direct real life kidnapping drama All The Money In The World

Though he has been saying recently that he wants to keep on making movies set in the Alien universe, Ridley Scott is focusing on more Earthly matters for his next planned film. And while he has been developing an adaptation on Don Winslow's excellent book The Cartel, it would appear that a new based on truth film, All The Money In The World, will be his next project as director.

According to Deadline, Scott has fast tracked this one, talking first with Angelina Jolie (Maleficent) and now Natalie Portman (Black Swan) about the role of Gail Harris. She was at the centre of a 1970s kidnapping case that involved Paul Getty, grandson of the billionaire American industrialist J. Paul Getty. Swiped during a night out, he was kept chained in a cave for six months and a ransom demanding $17 million was delivered to the family.

Unfortunately for the younger Getty, his grandfather didn't think much of his father or his party lifestyle, and, initially believing the teenager might have staged the whole thing himself, at first refused to pay. He was also unmoved by the pleas of Paul's mother, as Gail Harris had divorced his son and snubbed his money to raise her children alone. One of Paul's ears was posted to the family, and eventually a $2.9 million sum was stumped up. It affected Paul for the rest of his life and he died aged 54. Nine of the kidnappers were arrested, and two were sent to prison.

The case has been the focus of adaptation attempts before – in 2007, Peter Berg (Lone Survivor) was attached to a version. Scott is working from David Scarpa's (The Last Castle) script and is preparing to start shooting in Italy this May, once he secures both his leading actress and another big name to play the elder Getty.

As for The Cartel, Scott is now aiming to make that one after he finishes up on All The Money In The World. Meanwhile his latest, Alien: Covenant, arrives in cinemas on 12 May.

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