Thursday, 23 March 2017

New trailer for Jawbone arrives online

Vertigo Films have recently released their first trailer for Thomas Napper's (Atonement) feature debut Jawbone.

The comeback story is a common one in boxing, and new drama Jawbone is looking to bring an even harder hitting edge to it.

Johnny Harris (Snow White And The Huntsman) writes the script and stars here as Jimmy McCabe, who was a youth boxing champion. But with his life well and truly on the ropes thanks to drink and other problems, he has hit rock bottom. So he turns to the one place he has left – his childhood boxing gym and the people who work there.

Owner Bill (Ray Winstone), corner man Eddie (Michael Smiley) and promoter Joe (Ian McShane) set him up with a potential one-off fight to help get him back on track, but, faced with a new, young contender and his own problems, can Jimmy stand tall again?

With regular second unit director Thomas Napper stepping up to direct, boxing consultation from Barry McGuigan and a soundtrack by Paul Weller, Jawbone premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival on 25 February and is out in cinemas now.

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