Sunday, 5 March 2017

New quad poster for Prevenge arrives online

Kaleidoscope Entertainment have recently released their first trailer for Alice Lowe's (Sightseers) feature debut Prevenge.

Shot while Lowe herself was heavily pregnant, Prevenge is the story of widow Ruth (Lowe), who starts to believe she is being guided by her unborn baby on a homicidal rampage, killing off anyone who is in her way – and perhaps it really is.

"People automatically assume you're a lovely person because you're pregnant... I wanted to write something which defied that image of the pregnant woman as this safe, sweet, kind person..." Lowe said shortly before starting work on the film. "I felt like motherhood is a crazy, interesting experience and it's rarely seen on screen. Pregnancy could be a very alien, existential experience and we don't show it on screen in those terms. I wanted to defy people's expectations of what that character was and could be, and get some humour out of it."

With Jo Hartley (Eddie The Eagle), Tom Davis (Murder In Successville), Dan Renton Skinner (High-Rise), Tom Meeten (Sightseers), Eileen Davis (The Theory Of Everything), Mike Wozniak (Man Down), Kate Dickie (The Witch), Kayvan Novak (Four Lions) and Gemma Whelan (The Wolfman) also in the cast, Prevenge is out in cinemas now.

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