Saturday, 11 March 2017

Margot Robbie attached for Maid Marian movie

Hollywood seemingly can't get enough of Robin Hood. Not content with several self-described new takes on the character in development, and Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service) donning the Lincoln Green for one movie in production, yet another is joining the fray, with news arriving via Deadline that Margot Robbie (The Wolf Of Wall Street) is aiming to star in Marian.

Pete Barry wrote the spec script which, as you might be able to figure out from the title, focuses on the woman usually known as Maid Marian. Far from being the love interest in this one, Marian is being described as a cross between Game Of Thrones and Braveheart (1995), though the description makes it sound more of a piece with the Joan Of Arc story. Having witnessed the death of Robin before her eyes, Marian swears to pick up his cause. Training to become a fighter, she also rises to a position of leadership and eventually legend as she commands the fight against a conspiracy to conquer England. Robbie could certainly do this one justice, and it would give her something new to play. The big question is how – beyond the basic hook – it separates itself from the many other Hood projects out there.

Producers Donald De Line (The Italian Job) and Amy Pascal (Ghostbusters) have picked this one up for Sony Pictures, and we can expect the studio to push this one into development quickly, likely leaping over the other Robin project it had percolating.

Robbie, who has also started to produce some of her films, has a few movies on the way, including the still untitled A.A. Milne biopic, new thriller Terminal, I, Tonya and Will Gluck's (Annie) Peter Rabbit.

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