Friday, 17 March 2017

James Cameron set to oversee new Terminator film

Since James Cameron's groundbreaking two Terminator movies, the series has never quite reached the same heights. And particularly not with Terminator Genisys (2015). But now, with the 2019 date of the rights reverting to Cameron's control fast approaching, it makes sense that the people looking to make another movie would want him to come on board as overseer, and news arrives via Deadline that he is apparently now in talks with Tim Miller (Deadpool) to make the resulting film.

While you naturally have to worry about yet another attempt to tap this particular well, the presence of Cameron who, despite his current focus on the Avatar sequels has been consulting with other filmmakers through projects – including Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) on Alita: Battle Angel – would surely be a reason for a little bit more hope. Even if he did initially support Terminator Genisys. It is never wise to bet against Cameron, who has proved time and again that he knows how to make successful movies, and with him actually having direct input in a new film set in the universe of two of his greatest triumphs could – and we stress the could – result in something fresh and new. Miller is also no slouch in the creativity department.

And according to Deadline, the current plan, backed by Terminator Genisys financier David Ellison is to have respected science fiction authors spitball new ideas for the film.

Of course, it may all come to nothing if the various parties don't agree. And there is no guarantee that even with Cameron on board, a new Terminator film could add something truly worthwhile to what has come before...

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