Saturday, 18 March 2017

Jacob Tremblay joins The Predator

Shane Black's (Iron Man 3) new Predator film continues to gather an impressive cast list, with news arriving via The Hollywood Reporter that Jacob Tremblay (Room) has recently joined the ensemble.

Black is spearheading the reboot of the Predator concept, having written the script with Fred Dekker (RoboCop 3). The movie's story is mostly under wraps, but will see several of the lethal creatures hunting humans including Boyd Holbrook (Narcos) and Trevante Rhodes' (Moonlight) military men, Olivia Munn's (Mortdecai) scientist and Keegan-Michael Key's (Let's Be Cops) character, who teams with the others to fight the alien hunters.

As for Tremblay, he will be playing Holbrook's son, an autistic lad who has been bullied in school, but has an incredible ability to learn languages, which will come in handy given the new threat. Cameras are currently rolling in Vancouver and the film is due to arrive in US cinemas on 9 February next year, before heading to our shores on 16 February.

Since impressing audiences and critics in Room (2015), Tremblay has won several roles, including Colin Trevorrow's (Jurassic World) upcoming The Book Of Henry and novel adaptation Wonder, which is out on 7 April.

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