Saturday, 18 March 2017

Every Which Way But Loose remake in development

If you are a fan of the Clint Eastwood film, the idea of an Every Which Way But Loose (1978) remake is sure to have you going ape. But you had better be ready, with news arriving via Deadline that Loose's director James Fargo is spearheading a new version, with writer and director Anthony G. Cohen (The Sex Trip) calling the shots.

While it was critically vilified, Every Which Way But Loose became a big hit, earning $85 million following its release in 1978, and spawning follow-up Any Which Way You Can (1980). The story of Philo Beddoe (Clint Eastwood), a trucker and brawler roaming the American West in search of a lost love while accompanied by his friend and manager Orville (Geoffrey Lewis), and his pet orangutan, Clyde (played by Manis) is still loved to this day. Fargo, apparently thinks Cohen is the man to remake it. "I have been interviewing directors for over a year and as soon as I watched Cohen's film The Sex Trip (2016)... I knew instantly he was the right director for this picture," Fargo told Deadline. "I was very impressed with his film and his directing style."

The cameras are set to start rolling later this year. Can they convince Eastwood to cameo? Chances are doubtful, but perhaps Fargo still has some sway...

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