Friday, 17 March 2017

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam lands his own DC movie

There is an inherent danger for announcing sequel or spin-off plans before the first film is even out there (or has been made). But when you have Dwayne Johnson (San Andreas) playing a character, we can forgive Warner Bros and DC Entertainment for tempting fate and risking being seen in more disarray by putting the cart before the horse. And so it is as news arrives via Deadline that the studio are now splitting its planned Shazam! movie into two, with one focusing on Johnson's anti-hero character Black Adam.

Shazam focuses on Billy Batson, who can become the hero known as Captain Marvel (not the Marvel incarnation set to played by Brie Larson) by saying the word, 'Shazam!' which grants him the powers of six mythological gods.

Johnson's character has long been the nemesis for the hero, but in recent comics, he has been on a path to change his nature and make amends for his past. And that would seem to be the angle here, with Johnson looking to find the fun in the DC universe.

So DC Entertainment's team, including boss Geoff Johns apparently decided that rather than consigning Black Adam to mere villain character status, they would let him breathe in a film of his own. Which is arguably understandable when you consider Johnson has been attached to play the role since 2008 and was officially confirmed back in 2014.

When either of the movies might hit is currently anyone's guess, especially given Johnson's busy schedule. But it certainly sounds like he is looking to power another potential franchise...

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