Sunday, 5 March 2017

David Goyer and Justin Rhodes set to write Green Lantern Corps movie

Clearly not willing to let this particular character go, especially when there is a DC Comics movie universe to flesh out, Warner Brothers are once again taking a crack at a Green Lantern film. News arrives via Deadline that they have hired The Dark Knight (2008) veteran David Goyer and up-and-coming fellow writer Justin Rhodes (Contract Killers) for Green Lantern Corps.

While the movie will once again feature the Hal Jordan character as brought to life by Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 misfire, the scope is being widened out to include African American Marine sniper John Stewart, one of the other comic book incarnations of the Lantern. Odds are certainly slim that Reynolds – particularly now he has the success of Deadpool (2016) in his pocket – would want (or be wanted) to don the green suit again, so we should expect to see a new face playing Jordan.

Goyer is no stranger to the DC movie universe after working on Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) – though that in itself is a concern – whilst Rhodes has been making a name for himself working on various projects in development, including a new Fantastic Voyage movie that had Goyer as a producer. According to Deadline, the pair have come up with a new take on the Lantern story that combines Stewart's story with Jordan's for what is being described as Lethal Weapon (1987) in space.

The plan is reportedly to get the script in shape quickly, and then lock in a director and cast. You might wonder why the company would return to this seemingly poisoned chalice so quickly at a time when the DC Expanded Universe films are still not performing quite the way Warner Bros might prefer (at least critically), but perhaps the team, which includes DC boss Geoff Johns, think they are on to something this time.

As for the DC Extended Universe itself, the next entry will be Wonder Woman, which is due in cinemas on 2 June.

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