Saturday, 18 March 2017

Daisy Ridley set to star in A Woman Of No Importance

Having had her star boosted into the stratosphere by Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Daisy Ridley has become a popular name to attach to other projects. Paramount Pictures already have her allied with one film, fantasy thriller Kolma, and now news arrives via Deadline that they have acquired the rights to true life tale A Woman Of No Importance as another potential star vehicle.

Sonia Purnell's tome is the biography of American heiress turned spy Virginia Hall, who was initially frustrated in her attempts to join the American Foreign Service in the years before World War II because of a serious leg injury obtained during a hunting accident. Undaunted, she worked during the war for Britain's Special Operations Executive intelligence unit. Later, she joined the American Office of Strategic Services and the Special Activities Division of the CIA. The Gestapo reportedly considered her the most dangerous of all Allied spies and she won the Distinguished Service Cross and an honorary MBE.

The planned film will now go through the development process – there is no director or writer attached yet – though it is not like Ridley doesn't have plenty to do in the meantime, even with her continuing association with the Star Wars universe. She will be back as Rey in what we now know is called Star Wars: The Last Jedi this December, has been at work on Kenneth Branagh's (Cinderella) Murder On The Orient Express and is lending her voice to the new Peter Rabbit. In terms of potential projects, there is Patrick Ness adaptation Chaos Walking and indie Hamlet take Ophelia, among others.

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