Sunday, 26 February 2017

"She's like you. Very much like you."

20th Century Fox have recently released their latest trailer and one sheet for James Mangold's (The Wolverine) Logan.

When the first Logan trailer debuted last year, set to that haunting Johnny Cash cover of Hurt, it presented us with a very different breed of Woverine movie. This time out the trailer focuses on Dafne Keen's (The Refugees) Laura, finally divulging the secret that we all knew that Laura is, in fact, the mutant known as X-23. We see some superb scenes of Laura in action, literally carving her way through Donald Pierce's (Boyd Holbrook) hired goons, plus a tantalising glimpse of an X-Men comic, showing that the mutant team's exploits have been recorded (and slightly exaggerated) for posterity.

Hugh Jackman is set to appear for the very last time as arguably the most iconic member of the X-Men for the third Wolverine solo movie, and so we are expecting big things from his swan song in the role. Also returning for potentially the final time is Patrick Stewart's now nonagenarian Professor X.

Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl) is the main villain, while Richard E. Grant (Dom Hemingway) plays a mad scientist and Stephen Merchant (I Give It A Year), Eriq La Salle (ER), Elise Neal (Hustle & Flow) and Elizabeth Rodriguez (Fear The Walking Dead) are also on board.

Logan will arrive in UK cinemas on 3 March.

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