Friday, 3 February 2017

Shailene Woodley attached to survival thriller Adrift

While the Divergent franchise's future in movies is looking decidedly shaky, star Shailene Woodley's own career is bubbling along nicely. News arrives via Deadline that she is now attached to a new survival drama called Adrift that may end up in the directorial hands of Baltasar Kormákur (Everest).

Studios are already circling Aaron and Jordan Kandell's (Moana) speculative script, which is based on a true story. Tami Oldham and fiancé Richard Sharp set sail from Tahiti, planning to sail around the world together. But while their trip started with fair winds and clear skies, they sailed directly into a massive hurricane, 1500 miles from the nearest land. Knocked unconscious, Tami awoke to find herself stranded in the middle of the Pacific, her boat in ruins, critical instruments and other equipment broken and her fiancé nowhere to be seen. She has to survive somehow, despite a bad head wound and little food or water...

Kormákur certianly feels like the right man for this job, particularly after making The Deep (2013), which saw a fisherman swimming home after his boat capsized. Expect this one to come together quickly, though that is by no means a guarantee that it will get made.

Woodley is currently back on our screens in Oliver Stone's (Savages) Snowden, and is part of the cast for HBO miniseries Big Little Lies.

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