Sunday, 5 February 2017

New UK trailer for Moonlight arrives online

Altitude Films have recently released their UK trailer for Barry Jenkins' feature debut Moonlight.

Barry Jenkins' acclaimed drama has been winning awards all over the place, and seems certain to take home more trophies before the end of awards season. With the likes of Mahershala Ali (House Of Cards), Naomie Harris (Skyfall) and singer Janelle Monáe in the cast, Moonlight follows three periods in the life of a young man as he struggles with the challenges of his tough Miami neighbourhood and his own growing awareness of his sexuality.

We meet Chiron (Alex Hibbert) as a shy and withdrawn child, nicknamed 'Little', who is bullied before he is taken under the wing of a crack dealer named Juan, Ali, who takes it upon himself to make sure the boy is cared for, sometimes against the wishes of Little's mother Paula (Harris), who has her own battle with addition to fight.

Catching up with the lad as a teenager (Ashton Sanders), his life isn't any easier, even despite a seeming connection with friend Kevin. And finally, in the third part of the film, Chiron (Trevante Rhodes) – now known as 'Black' – is himself a drug dealer living outside Atlanta. His mother has conquered her drug issues, and he decides on a whim to try to connect again with Kevin, now played by Andre Holland. But can he truly be happy?

This will definitely be one to look out for, and UK audiences can see it from 17 February.

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