Sunday, 5 February 2017

New TV spot for Lego Batman Movie arrives online

Warner Bros have recently released their Joker centred TV spot for Chris McKay's (Robot Chicken) The Lego Batman Movie.

So far, the trailers for The Lego Batman Movie have, somewhat naturally, focused on Will Arnett's self-obsessed Caped Crusader. This latest TV spot still has plenty of Bat action, but shifts the spotlight a little to Zach Galifianakis' (The Hangover) Joker.

Turns out, this Joker is a little less self-confident than some of his cinematic predecessors. He is not happy to learn that Batman is out "fighting other people" and doesn't consider the Clown Prince of Crime to be his primary villain. So what does the Joker do? Gathers a whole posse of bad guys together to threaten our hero.

And that is just one thing annoying Batman. There is also Robin (Michael Cera), who he mistakenly adopted at a charity event and is now being forced to raise as his ward. The new promo goes big on Robin choosing his outfit and the struggle between Batman wanting to do his thing and trusty butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) demanding he live up to his responsibilities.

The Lego Batman Movie will fly into UK cinemas on February 10.

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