Sunday, 26 February 2017

Matt Reeves now officially set to direct The Batman

News arrives via Variety that Matt Reeves (Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes) is now officially on board to direct The Batman.

Reeves was first reported as the top contender for the job – following Ben Affleck's decision to stick to just co-developing the film and playing the lead – a couple of weeks ago. And then the news broke that he was out of the running, despite entering talks. Whatever has been worked out between the director and Warner Bros appears to have settled the matter, as he is fully engaged again. "I have loved the Batman story since I was a child. He is such an iconic and compelling character, and one that resonates with me deeply," Reeves says in a statement carried by Variety. "I am incredibly honoured and excited to be working with Warner Bros. to bring an epic and emotional new take on the Caped Crusader to the big screen."

There is, interestingly, no mention of Affleck in the statement, but while rumours circled that he might be considering stepping away from the role, there has been nothing concrete on that front.

Chris Terrio (Argo) was the most recent writer on the movie, and it appears all involved are happy with his script. The aim is now to get moving as quickly as possible, though The Batman has yet to lock down a release date.

As for Reeves' most recent job, War For The Planet Of The Apes will be with us on 14 July.

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