Friday, 3 February 2017

How To Train Your Dragon 3 shifts to 2019

We are already starting to see the fallout of Universal Pictures acquisition of DreamWorks Animation. The Croods 2 has officially been cancelled and now How To Train Your Dragon 3 is shifting its release date back from a planned 2018 date to March 2019.

That, of course, could simply be to give regular director Dean DeBlois time to get the third instalment right – he has a lot to live up to given the success of the second film. And kudos to DreamWorks Animation for not pushing to pump out another entry of a hit franchise as quickly as possible, even if it does mean a long wait for more from Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), Toothless and the gang – it will be five years, in fact, since How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014).

The third movie finds Toothless drawn away from home after the discovery of an untamed mate. There is danger to be faced too, and Hiccup will have to handle new challenges to his reign as village chief.

Also mentioned is the Oriental DreamWorks production Everest, which sees a group of misfits encountering a lost yeti named after the world's highest mountain. They will need to help him return to the lofty peak, where his family is waiting and worrying. That one comes from directors Tim Johnson (Home) and Todd Wilderman and will be with us later in 2019.

As for the next DreamWorks Animation to hit screens, that would be The Boss Baby, due here on 7 April.

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