Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Billy Dee Williams set to voice Two-Face in The Lego Batman Movie

It's not often that an actor is able to play the next iteration of their character nearly three decades after taking it on for the first time, but that is a chance Billy Dee Williams (Batman) will get when he voices infamous Batman villain Two-Face in The Lego Batman Movie.

The animated movie's director Chris McKay (Robot Chicken) announced the casting karma balance in answer to a question on Twitter and it means that Williams, who also voiced Lando Calrissian in The Lego Movie (2014) will finally realise a long held dream.

Williams agreed to play Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's Batman (1989) because he figured he would eventually get portray Dent's fateful encounter with facial disfigurement that brings out his cackling, evil side. Sadly for him, when Joel Schumacher took over the franchise, he went with Tommy Lee Jones to embody Two-Face in Batman Forever (1995).

The Lego Batman Movie, in addition to looking like a whole lot of fun, will finally deliver cinematic justice after all these years.

The Lego Batman Movie will be out in the UK on 10 February.

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