Saturday, 14 January 2017

Gareth Evans set to direct Apostle

News arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that The Raid (2011) director Gareth Evans (The Raid) is set to follow up his martial arts epic and its sequel with something that sounds a little different – new thriller Apostle.

Evans is working on the script for the new movie, which will follow a man heading to a remote island to find his missing sister. She has been kidnapped by a religious cult, which is demanding a ransom for her return.

But the commune has reckoned without the investigative abilities of our hero, who starts to dig deep into the secrets and lies of the group. There is no indication in The Hollywood Reporter's story about whether the investigation will involve a creative use of kitchen utensils as weapons and a lot of crushed heads, but don't rule anything out, even as Evans himself described the script on Instagram a few months ago as "a smidgen fucked up." Could this be Evans' take on stylish horrors such as The Wicker Man (1973)? As always, watch this space.

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