Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bradley Cooper and Gavin O'Connor working on Atlantic Wall

Bradley Cooper (American Sniper) and director Gavin O'Connor (Warrior) have almost worked together before in past, but the collaboration fell through after Cooper departed troubled Western Jane Got A Gun (2013). Now they have a new shot, with news arriving via Deadline they are set to work together on World War II drama Atlantic Wall.

Production company Imperative Entertainment bought writer Zach Dean's concept when it was still just a pitch and have since developed the script. Atlantic Wall follows a lone American paratrooper trapped behind enemy lines in the crucial hours before D-Day. He has to deliver important intelligence while also feeling the pull of duty to a murdered ally in protecting the dead friend's young son.

"We're thrilled Imperative is bringing Atlantic Wall to life on screen with a talented filmmaker like Gavin," producer Dan Friedkin tells Deadline. "Bradley's phenomenal track record speaks for itself. He's perfect to portray our complicated, often reluctant hero. We can't imagine better creative partners."

It is clearly early days for the project, though, and given Cooper's busy schedule making the new A Star Is Born, the pair won't start work on this until 2018.

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