Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Incredibles 2 is now set to arrive earlier

There is a double shot of Pixar release date news today that will gladden the hearts of fans of The Incredibles (2004), and possibly sadden those awaiting the next Toy Story film – news arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that the two sequels are switching release dates, which means Brad Bird's superhero family will arrive earlier than originally announced.

According to a Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios statement picked up by The Hollywood Reporter, Bird and his Incredibles 2 team have been quick to develop the new movie, and it will be ready earlier than the studio thought. So the new adventures of Mr. Incredible and his family will be arriving in June 2018 (likely July here), instead of the originally planned 2019.

As for Toy Story 4, which John Lasseter (Toy Story) is overseeing for the company, that is shifting back a year to fill that vacated June 2019 slot (and corresponding July release here). So as of right now, the current Pixar schedule will find Cars 3 and Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3) and Francis Glebas' (Piglet's Big Movie) Day Of The Dead themed Coco arriving in 2017, followed by The Incredibles 2 in 2018 and then Toy Story 4 in 2019. But let's be honest... we're mostly excited that the Incredibles will be back in our lives sooner than we thought.

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