Saturday, 3 December 2016

New clip and one sheet for Korean horror The Wailing arrives online

Kaleidoscope Entertainment have recently released their latest clip and one sheet for Na Hong-Jin's (The Chaser) The Wailing.

South Korean horror film The Wailing has been winning rave reviews recently for putting a fresh spin on an old genre.

Directed by Na Hong-Jin – who's debut crime thriller The Chaser (2008), was sufficiently impressive to have had Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant) scrambling for rights to the remake – The Wailing offers a winning mix of black comedy and body horror in unlikely locales.

The film opens with a mysterious infection sweeping through a rural village and turning its inhabitants into cold-eyed killers. Soon the media is reaching for someone – or something – to blame as society turns in on itself. Not a straightforward gorefest, then, but a subtle poke at the country's inner life. But, yes, with lots of gore.

The Wailing is out in the UK now.

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