Thursday, 15 December 2016

Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly set for Noel Clarke's 10x10

Adulthood (2008) director Noel Clarke revealed to Empire online last month that he is producing a new thriller called 10x10. Now news arrives via Deadline that Luke Evans (Dracula Untold) and Kelly Reilly (Flight) are set to star.

Suzi Ewing is set to make her feature debut for the kidnap thriller, which sees Evans as Lewis, who on the surface seems to be a regular guy, but who is harbouring a burning desire for revenge. The focus for his vengeful obsession is a woman named Cathy (Reilly). He grabs her from the street in broad daylight and imprisons her in a soundproof cell he has built into his house, intent on getting her to reveal a dark secret.

Lewis, however, hasn't planned on his motives starting to unravel and for Cathy to turn out to be a formidable, dangerous match for her kidnapper. Clarke wrote the script and is producing with Unstoppable Entertainment partner Jason Maza alongside Maggie Monteith and Gina Powell (Brotherhood).

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