Sunday, 11 December 2016

"Frank says I'm not supposed to correct older people... nobody likes a smartass."

Fox Searchlight have recently released their first trailer and one sheet for Marc Webb's (500 Days Of Summer) Gifted.

After the big clash of this year's Captain America: Civil War, Chris Evans is waging a battle on an entirely smaller, but no less vital front.

Marc Webb, who is also back in small scale drama mode after work on two Spider-Man films, is behind the camera for the movie. Written by Tom Flynn (Watch It), Gifted is a drama about Frank Adler (Chris Evans), a deliberate underachiever, who is raising his niece Mary (McKenna Grace), in rural Florida. When he enrolls her in school for the first time, she is labelled as gifted. All Frank wants is for Mary to have a normal life, but standing in his way is her grandmother, his mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), and the dilemma that he doesn't have custody of Mary. So being proactive for once, he sues to win that custody.

Octavia Spencer (The Help) is playing Frank's landlady, with Jenny Slate (Obvious Child) as Mary's teacher.

Gifted will arrive in UK cinemas on 16 June next year.

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