Sunday, 4 December 2016

Catherine Keener joins Sicario sequel Soldado

Last year, word broke that the stylish and tough hearted cartel battling drama Sicario (2015) had spawned a sequel, one focused on Benicio Del Toro's shadowy enforcer and Josh Brolin's line crossing CIA agent. While Emily Blunt will not be returning, news arrives via Deadline that Catherine Keener (Captain Phillips) has been cast as Brolin's boss.

With Stefano Sollima (Gamorrah) taking over the directorial reins from Denis Villeneuve and writer Taylor Sheridan returning on script duties, the new movie shifts the focus from the drug trade to another dangerous aspect of the smuggling operations between Mexico and the US – the fact that terrorists can use the network of tunnels and other routes to make their way into America.

Del Toro's Alejandro Gillick and Brolin's Matt Graver will once again be bending the rules to fight back, while Keener's senior agent has to navigate the tricky grey area in which they work.

Keener has worked on Sacha Gervasi's (Hitchcock) November Criminals and family drama Little Pink House. She will also be seen in Jordan Peele's directorial debut, horror movie Get Out, which will be scaring UK audiences from 17 March.

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