Saturday, 26 November 2016

Michael Dougherty and Zach Shields set to write Godzilla 2

Looking to up their shared cinematic universe output beyond the DC Comics movies, Warner Bros have been putting the gears in motion for a Legendary produced set of films to unite Godzilla and King Kong. The Godzilla sequel was announced back in 2014 and now, according to Variety, Krampus (2015) writer and director Michael Dougherty and co-writer Zach Shields have been brought on to script it.

It is perhaps not that surprising – Krampus was a Legendary movie and the Christmas horror's producer Alex Garcia is aboard the new Godzilla team. The aim is for this sequel to arrive on 22 March 2019 before Godzilla Vs. Kong sees the giant reptilian facing off against the upgraded King Kong from Kong: Skull Island in May 2020.

And this might just be the start of a writer's room style arrangement designed to crank out various monster movies as part of this deal between the two companies. There is no confirmation on that front yet, but given that the likes of Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures have tried it on their own expanding cinematic universes, it would come as little surprise.

As for Kong: Skull Island, which Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kings Of Summer) is busy finishing, that will emerge on 10 March next year.

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