Thursday, 3 November 2016

Justin Lin set for Hot Wheels

Justin Lin, the man who helped bring the Fast & Furious franchise roaring to a new level, certainly knows a little something about directing car action. So might come as little surprise, then, that news arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that he has signed tackle the long in development Hot Wheels movie.

The Mattel derived project has been sitting without its wheels for several years now, lingering in development across several companies. Directors such as McG (3 Days To Kill) and stunt coordinator Simon Crane toyed with the idea, but nothing seemed to happen. The rights passed between Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and now Legendary Pictures, who are hoping that Lin will be able to do something with it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lin and his producing partners plan to send previous versions to the junkyard and start fresh with a new writer. And it won't be his next film either, as it is going to take a while to be ready.

Lin, who made the successful Star Trek Beyond this year, hasn't yet locked in what he will do next, but he has a variety of options. He is also adding to his producing schedule, returning S.W.A.T. to its TV roots.

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