Saturday, 5 November 2016

"I know everything about you. The truth that you hide. The truth you dream."

Entertainment One have recently released their latest trailer and one sheet for Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible) A Monster Calls.

With Bayona having shown he knows how to get good performances from younger actors in The Orphanage (2007) and The Impossible (2012), A Monster Calls is built around Lewis MacDougall, who had a small role in Pan (2015) but here steps up to play Conor, a 12-year-old boy dealing with the trials and tribulations of childhood. His mother Elizabeth (Felicity Jones) has a terminal illness, his father (Toby Kebbell) left the family a while ago, some problematic bullies at school and doesn't like his grandmother (Sigourney Weaver) who is now a fixture in his life given how Elizabeth's health has recently taken even more of a downturn.

Haunted by a reoccurring nightmare, he escapes into a world of fantasy and magic when a giant yew tree in the cemetery next to his home transforms into a giant wooden man-like creature (played by Liam Neeson via performance capture) and offers him a chance to break free from his troubles a little. But is this destructive new force in his life a help or a danger?

A Monster Calls will stomp into UK cinemas on 6 January next year.

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