Saturday, 1 October 2016

Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber set to write New Mutants

It may come as a shock to most of you, but there are still some mutants that have not yet made it to the big screen – Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod's X-Men spin-off, New Mutants, being one of them.

Director Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars) has been on board to helm New Mutants for a while, but now news arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that he has brought his The Fault In Our Stars (2014) writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber to develop the script.

20th Century Fox's upcoming X-Men spin-off, New Mutants, follows a young ragtag team of mutants trained by (at various stages of the comic's 1983-1991 run) Cable, Magneto and Professor X.

Neustadter and Weber are certainly an inspired choice for the material, having connected with young audiences thanks to their work on (500) Days Of Summer (2009), The Spectacular Now (2013) and Paper Towns (2015). They also have the upcoming James Franco (As I Lay Dying) film The Masterpiece on their slate – a behind the scenes look at Tommy Wiseau's (2003) cult classic, The Room.

Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) is back on producing duties, but the cast (and film's central characters, of which there are many to choose from) have yet to be confirmed. Maisie Williams (Game Of Thrones) and Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) are heavily rumoured as the gifted youngsters, with Boone's Instagram account appearing to hold the key to the mutants he hopes to include.

A lifelong fan of New Mutants, Boone is currently a very busy man. As well as his X-Men entry, he is tasked with bringing a new version of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles to the big screen, and is writing and directing two Stephen King adaptations, The Stand and Lisey's Story.

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