Thursday, 27 October 2016

New trailer and Ralph Steadman poster for My Scientology Movie arrives online

Altitude Films have recently released a new trailer and quad poster illustrated by legendary satirical cartoonist Ralph Steadman for Louis Theroux's My Scientology Movie.

Louis Theroux's first theatrical release has been a long time coming, so it deserves something a little special to usher it to the big screen.

As you would assume from the title, My Scientology Movie is Theroux's delve into the mysterious, influential and just slightly sinister world of the California based organisation. In typical Theroux fashion, the wry, probing journalist constructs a movie within the movie, reconstructing some of Scientology's most arcane rites and rituals to shine new light on its world.

Directed by John Dower's (Thrilla In Manila), My Scientology Movie is out in cinemas now.

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