Sunday, 23 October 2016

Karyn Kusama set to direct horror movie Breed

Having directed indie dramas, science fiction and comedy horror, Karyn Kusama had a success last year with low key horror mystery The Invitation (2015). Now news arrives via The Wrap that she is rounding up the same team who worked on that film to direct another horror tale, Breed, for 20th Century Fox.

Invitation writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (who were also producers) will pull similar duty on Breed, adapting Chase Novak's novel. The story initially follows New York couple Alex and Leslie Twisden, who lead charmed lives – great careers, a luxurious home, a passionate marriage. What is missing from their lives though is a child, and their attempts at infertility treatment slowly descend towards obsession. As a last ditch attempt to make their dream a reality, they travel to Slovenia, where they undergo a painful procedure that gives them what they have so fervently wanted... but with awful consequences.

Ten years later, coddled and living in a house of secrets, the twins Adam and Alice find themselves locked into their rooms every night, with sounds coming from their parents' bedroom growing and more disturbing. Their search leads to some dangerous answers...

The movie marks the first project for writer and director Scott Frank's (Minority Report) production deal with the studio. "Breed was the first piece of material I acquired and was a complete no-brainer – falling right into the sweet spot of the work that I'm trying to do in my partnership with Fox," Frank says. "The fact that I also get to collaborate with the talented likes of Phil, Matt, and Karyn only makes an already exciting project even sweeter."

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