Sunday, 30 October 2016

Julia Roberts attached to parental revenge drama

Julia Roberts has had success with based on truth drama before, winning an Academy Award® for Erin Brockovich (2000). She now has her eye on a twisty new tale of real life envy and revenge, with news arriving via Deadline that she is set to star in and produce an adaptation of a new book called I'll Get You!: Drugs, Lies, And The Terrorizing Of A PTA Mom.

The book, co-written by Kelli Peters (the victim of the centre of the story) alongside a New York Times journalist working under the pen name Sam Rule, hit book shelves in the US last month. It tells of Peters, a president of the Parent Teacher Association and volunteer at her daughter's elementary school in California who was accused by another mother of keeping her son waiting during the afternoon pick-up. The confrontation led to the mother and her husband (both lawyers) kicking off a campaign to demand that Peters be banned from the school, launching a lawsuit against her and even framing her for drug possession.

Peters was arrested and investigated, and then vindicated and after a five-year nightmare, won a $5.7 million civil judgement against the couple. Her battle was recently documented by a feature article in the LA Times, written by Christopher Goffard.

It is clearly early days for this one – there is no writer or studio attached yet – but it has already attracted the attention of George Clooney (Money Monster), who may leap on board to co-produce.

Roberts, last seen alongside Clooney in Money Monster, is currently working on novel adaptation Wonder.

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