Monday, 31 October 2016

First one sheet for Slash arrives online

Gravitas Ventures have recently released their first one sheet for Clay Liford's (Earthling) coming of age comedy Slash.

Written and directed by Clay Liford, Slash follows introverted high school freshman Neil (Michael Johnston) who secretly writes same-sex, erotic fan fiction about a popular science fiction character. After finding out that Julia (Hannah Marks), a self-confident classmate, has discovered his writing and shares his passion, it only becomes a matter of time before he falls for her. 

Encouraged by Julia to put his fan fiction online, Neil is introduced to whole new universe when the website's moderator takes a special interest his work.

Slash is set to arrive in US cinemas 9 December and although the film played at this years Edinburgh International Film Festival back in June, it has yet to secure a general UK release.

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