Monday, 31 October 2016

Amandla Stenberg set for Darkest Minds

It was announced back in July that director Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung Fu Panda) was making a move to live action with young adult fiction adaptation Darkest Minds. Now she has found the young woman to star in the film, with word arriving via The Hollywood Reporter that Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games) has recently joined.

She should feel right at home in the Darkest Minds universe, adapted from Alexandra Bracken's book, which kicks off a trilogy of tomes. The story is set in a world where a pandemic has killed off most of America's children and teenagers. Some of the survivors develop superpowers, which worries society at large and those with newfound abilities are sent to internment camps.

Our protagonist for at least the first story is 16-year-old Ruby Daly (Stenberg), who develops telekinetic powers and decides to break out of her camp. She ends up on the run with like-minded (and powered) teens who are trying to escape the government's clutches.

Naturally, 20th Century Fox and producer Shawn Levy's 21 Laps company will be hoping this kicks off a fresh franchise with the earning power of The Hunger Games, and this first film has Chad Hodge (Wayward Pines) writing the script.

Stenberg worked on indie movie As You Are and is part of the cast of another young adult fiction adaptation, Everything, Everything, which MGM Studios are making right now.

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