Sunday, 4 September 2016

Michael Chernus set to play the Tinkerer in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Given that Spider-Man: Homecoming has been shooting for some time now, we are going to assume that Michael Chernus (Orange Is The New Black) hasn't just leapt on board the film, but is already shooting and word has only arrived now. Regardless, Deadline reports that he will be playing Phineas Mason, also known as the Tinkerer.

Since Spider-Man: Homecoming, which features the first standalone adventure for Tom Holland's (The Impossible) take on Peter Parker and his web slinging alter ego, already boasts the services of Michael Keaton (Birdman) as the Vulture (even if that still hasn't been officially confirmed despite concept art of the character) and Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) as an unnamed threat, we would figure the Tinkerer – torn from the pages of Marvel comics, and a genius with the ability to create amazing gadgets out of household appliances – will be a more minor character. Perhaps he will be the one to supply Vulture with his wings? He is still a good character to have in the film, especially given Peter's love of technology and the presence of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark, who helps Peter with some equipment upgrades of his own.

Jon Watts (Cop Car) is directing the movie, with Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler), Donald Glover (Community) and Tony Revolori (Dope) among its crammed cast. Spider-Man: Homecoming should be out here on 7 July next year.

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