Friday, 2 September 2016

Man Of Steel sequel in the works

Arguably not much of a spoiler, but Superman is very much alive. But though his story seemed to be sidelined in service to building Zack Snyder's (Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice) Justice League, it appears Warner Bros are still very much committed to giving Henry Cavill's Man Of Steel another standalone film.

The Wrap's report suggests that despite a relative silence over plans to create a Superman focused sequel to Man Of Steel (2013), the wheels are very much still in motion. Superman is, apparently, still a high priority for the studio, with talk of getting the character "right", which seems a little late given he has already been in two major movies.

Nothing has been said of what this film might entail, or when it might arrive, though amidst all the confirmed titles, there are a couple of unnamed movies lurking on Warner Bros and DC Entertainment's schedule for October 2018 and November 2019, so perhaps Superman's new adventure could find a home in that second spot, once Batman (assuming the Ben Affleck film is ready in time) has had his standalone outing.

With David Ayer's (Fury) Suicide Squad out in cinemas now, the DC universe will next see Wonder Woman's first solo adventure, featuring Gal Gadot and the origin of her Amazonian warrior in June 2017, with Superman back alongside Batman in the first Justice League, which lands November the same year. You can watch the latest Wonder Woman trailer right here.

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