Sunday, 4 September 2016

"Let's go fuck some scumbags."

Icon Films have recently released their latest trailer and one sheet for John Michael McDonagh's (Calvary) War On Everyone.

He has dealt with crooked Garda in The Guard (2011) and crooked priests in Calvary (2014). Now John Michael McDonagh is tackling crooked cops in The War On Everyone.
Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood) and Michael Peña (The Martian) are the two crooked cops heading up this buddy caper, who attempt to blackmail every criminal they come across, until one tries to blackmail them in return.

As the trailer suggests, these two are so morally dubious, they occasionally forget they are supposed to be custodians of the law. Alongside Skarsgård and Peña, the cast includes Theo James (Divergent), Tessa Thompson (Creed) and Paul Reiser (Aliens).

Serving up action and black comedy in equal measures, War On Everyone is gearing up for a 7 October release in the UK and Ireland.

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