Sunday, 21 August 2016

New trailer for The Accountant arrives online

Warner Bros have recently released their latest trailer for Gavin O'Connor's (Warrior) new thriller The Accountant.

Following his turn as the angsty and angry Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Ben Affleck has chosen something a little more down to earth for his latest role.

The Accountant stars Affleck as Christian Wolf, who has grown up knowing he is different to others. A math savant who has more of an affinity for numbers than he does for other people, he works as a seemingly ordinary accountant. But that is a cover for his real job – cooking the books and laundering the cash for some of the world's biggest criminal organisations.

As he takes on his first big legal client, a robotics firm where a junior accounting clerk (Anna Kendrick) has discovered a discrepancy in the company's ledgers, the Treasury Department's Crime Enforcement, led by J.K. Simmons' (Whiplash) Ray King is closing in on him. But that will be the least of his problems when he discovers where his latest job's issues lead...

The Accountant arrives in the UK on 4 November.

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