Sunday, 24 July 2016

Thea Sharrock set to direct The Selection

With her feature film debut, romantic comedy drama Me Before Youproving a success, director Thea Sharrock has now found a potential next job. News arrives via Variety that she is attached to make The Selection for Warner Bros.

Katie Lovejoy (Miranda's Rights) has adapted Kiera Cass' 2012 book, which the studio is hoping could spark a new young adult based success. The Selection follows America Singer, a young woman living in a world broken up in to different castes according to socioeconomic status. The wealthiest and most powerful (and therefore most desirable) are Ones, with Eights at the other end of the spectrum. America is a Five, and works as an entertainer. When her family pushes her towards The Selection, a competition held by Crown Prince Maxon Schreave to find his princess, she initially declines, because she is secretly dating Aspen, a Six. But she eventually ends up in the competition, falls for the prince and her apparent ex starts working as a palace guard. And thus a love triangle is born...

The story also includes rebels trying to overthrow the system and has so far spawned six books plus a few spin-off novellas. Cass' books were originally picked as a potential series by US network The CW, but never made it past pilot stage.

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