Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Conjuring 2 spawns a demonic spin-off

James Wan's Conjuring films are certainly proving fertile ground for spin-offs. The original has already led a sequel, and to Annabelle (2014), which itself has a sequel in the works. Now news arrives via The Hollywood Reporter that one of the creepy visions of The Conjuring 2 is getting her own outing, with the scary nun creature starring in a film called, perhaps not surprisingly, The Nun.

Interestingly, the creature (played by actress Bonnie Aarons in make-up) wasn't in the film until three months before release. Wan's film originally featured a more traditional horned demon, but the director came up with the idea and asked the studio if he could make the last minute change. Some digital tinkering with an image and a reshoot in March brought the nun to life.

David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote The Conjuring 2, is on board for this one, which Wan will produce and, as with the Annabelle films, will hand over to some other director. The Conjuring sequel, meanwhile, is out in UK cinemas now.

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