Sunday, 24 July 2016

New campaign one sheets for Nerve arrive online

Lionsgate have recently released a batch of campaign one sheets for Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's (Catfish) Nerve.

How far would you go if you were dared by an online game, in the hopes of scoring some hard cash or video glory? That is the question facing Emma Roberts (We're The Millers) in Nerve.

Nerve finds Roberts as high school student Vee Delmonico, who is worried that she is missing out on life's wilder side by being a good student. So when her friends pressure her into joining a new, popular online game called Nerve, she agrees and signs up for one seemingly harmless dare, which ends with her meeting Ian (Dave Franco). Soon, though, they are caught up in a spiralling world of danger and double-crosses, as the dares become ever more complicated and the stakes get higher... Will they both survive the night?

With Catfish (2010) duo Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman behind the camera, Nerve is based on Jeanne Ryan's book and was adapted by Jessica Sharzer (American Horror Story). Samira Wiley (Orange Is The New Black), Miles Heizer (Parenthood), Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers) and rapper Machine Gun Kelly (real name Richard Colson Baker) are part of the cast, and the movie will be out on 12 August.

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