Sunday, 24 July 2016

Kate Winslet set for Woody Allen's next film

Woody Allen's (Midnight In Paris) latest completed film, Cafe Society, doesn't hit these shores until September, but he is already starting to build the cast for his next project. Now news arrives via Variety that Kate Winslet (Revolutionary Road) is making a deal to star. 

Allen is, as ever writing, directing and producing the film, and is looking to kick off production in the autumn. As for what the film will be about is anyone's guess at this stage.

It would make the first time that Winslet has worked with the director, and it does make you wonder why it took so long for their paths to cross. He has tried to secure her services in the past, for Match Point (2005), and she turned him down, citing family time.

Winslet can next be seen in Collateral Beauty, out on 30 December. Cafe Society, meanwhile, arrives on 2 September.

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