Sunday, 24 July 2016

Justice League will be one standalone movie

Back in October 2014, Warner Bros announced we would be getting a pair of Justice League films, titled Part One and Part Two, both directed by Zack Snyder (Man Of Steel) and to be released in November 2017 and June 2019. A couple of weeks ago, though, the DC Extended Universe's new Chief Creative Officer, co-producer Geoff Johns, tweeted that "Clearing up any misconceptions – the Justice League movie is called Justice League." No parts about it. Then halfway through the film's shoot, producer Deborah Snyder defiantly denied that there was ever a part two. "We were only ever planning, and we are only doing, Justice League," she said. So, no part two then? "No."

Soon after, Zack Snyder seemed to contradict that. "We still have a release date," he said of a second movie. The confusion, one assumes, is over the nature of a follow-up. It is clearly a storm of semantics, but that 2019 release date will likely give us a sequel, as opposed to a part two of the same story. This initial Justice League is "a complete movie," says Snyder, although he hopes it leaves things open, whetting appetites for more – "It doesn't end like, 'Well, that's the DC Universe!'"

Of course, you don't set up a franchise to rival The Avengers then immediately put it to bed. The chances are there is a public cautiousness at play here, with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros only just getting going with their schemes and plans. If things go well, we will, of course, have a whole slew of sequels. Just don't call them parts.

In other Justice League news, Snyder is shooting the movie using 35mm film. As with Batman V Superman, and unlike Marvel's movies, film continues to win out over digital in the DC Extended Universe.

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