Wednesday, 20 July 2016

"In hell, everybody loves popcorn."

Saban Films have recently released their first bloody trailer and one sheet for Rob Zombies (The Devil's Rejects) 31.

Promising to be Zombie's most twisted film yet, 31 focuses on five carnival workers who are abducted and held hostage in an abandoned compound on the night before Halloween.

Violence ensues, and the twelve hours that follow promise to be as horrific as can be imagined, as the hostages attempt to survive in the hands of a bunch of freakish clown-like figures with cheerful names such as Satan's Slave and Father Murder.

From the trailer we learn that 31 is the name of a game that the hostages are forced to take part in. While the rules are undefined, we do know that this is a game that plays mercilessly with life and death. Which certainly sounds remarkably like Saw (2004).

Zombie, of course, was responsible for the Halloween remake nobody particularly asked for back in 2007, plus the sequel even fewer people were requesting two years later. For his latest outing, though, the occasional heavy metallist is once again embarking on original material, and judging by the trailer, clearly wants 31 to be as unrelenting for its audience as it evidently is for its characters.

31 will be hitting US cinemas on 16 September but has yet to secure a UK release date.

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