Sunday, 31 July 2016

"Everyone is afraid of the dark, and that's what she feeds on."

Warner Bors have recently released their latest trailer for David F. Sandberg's feature debut Lights Out.

Horror movies often like to play with our primal fears of darkness, and now here comes the latest effort to send those shivers creeping up our collective spines.

Directed by Swedish filmmaker David F. Sandberg and adapted from his original short film (which you can watch here) with a script by Eric Heisserer (The Thing), the film finds Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) dealing with what happens when he childhood fears and trauma seem to be coming back to haunt her and her little brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman). There is a creature that appears only when the lights go out, and that will do anything to make sure it gets close to them... Rebecca's safety and sanity will be tested again alongside her mother Sophie (Maria Bello) and on and off boyfriend Bret (Alexander DiPersia).

With James Wan and Heisserer serving as producers on the film, this certainly promises a chilling atmosphere and the sort of scares Wan is usually found providing in films such as The Conjuring (2013).

Lights Out will arrive in the UK on 19 August.

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