Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New trailer and one sheet for The Purge: Election Year arrives online

Universal Pictures have recently released their first trailer and one sheet for James DeMonaco's The Purge: Election Year.

The Purge films have increasingly explored the political subtext of the idea fuelling them, and that is arguably pushed even further with the third entry, The Purge: Election Year.

Continuing the thesis that a warped alternate America would hit on the idea of setting aside a 12-hour period once a year where its citizens could do whatever they want without worrying about the law, Election Year follows Charlene 'Charlie' Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), a United States senator whose family was slaughtered one Purge night, and who is running for president on the campaign pledge that she will end the tradition once and for all.

Naturally, those in power who rely on it to keep poorer folk occupied and/or killed, are none too happy about this, and plan to take her out during the next Purge period. Fortunately for Charlie, she will have some help from Frank Grillo's Sergeant who, after his experiences with the event a few years ago – The Purge: Anarchy (2014) – is ready to step in and protect her. But that won't be easy when there is a traitor in their midst...

Sounding for all the world like a fake Donald Trump promo with its "Keep America Great" campaign message, The Purge: Election Night will strike our cinemas in July.

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