Saturday, 13 February 2016

New one sheet for Colonia arrives online

Screen Media Film have recently released their latest one sheet for Florian Gallenberger's (City Of War: The Story Of John Rabe) Colonia.

America isn't the only country for which September 11 has painful significance. On 11 September 1973 a coup was launched against the regime of Salvador Allende by General Pinochet, plunging the country into violent upheaval that is being depicted in Emma Watson's (The Bling Ring) latest film, Colonia.

Colonia follows Costa-Gavras' Missing (1982) in charting the brutal aftermath of the Pinochet led coup. That film had Jack Lemmon trying to get to the bottom of his son's disappearance – this one sees Emma Watson's Lena doing likewise when her partner, Daniel (Daniel Brühl) is abducted by the secret police. Lena tracks him down to Colonia Dignidad, an anti-communist sect run by Mikael Nyqvist's (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) lay preacher Paul Schäfer. There she joins the cult to find Daniel.

Colonia is due arrive in cinemas 15 April.

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