Saturday, 13 February 2016

Lionsgate are developing a MacGyver movie

Who could have thought MacGyver would become a new hot property for adaptation? Admittedly, mining 1980s nostalgia for movies and TV is hardly new, but in the last few years there seems to have been a small frenzy about Mac and his adventures. With the TV reboot still developing, news arrives via Deadline that Lionsgate are planning a new stab at turning the show about the engineering genius government agent into a movie.

While TV series is set to reboot the concept, the film will be separate entity and follow the classic show. Quite what the new film take will be is still unknown – Lionsgate executives announced it at a financial analyst conference call, which is hardly the best place to glean plot information.

What we do know is that producer Neal Moritz (Fast & Furious) and original MacGyver creator are overseeing the new movie for Lionsgate that will, one assumes, either find someone to play the original Mac (Richard Dean Anderson) or find an updated alternative. 

As for the TV show, that is still bubbling away under the aegis of James Wan (Furious 7), taking its cue from the cult favourite original, and updating with a younger MacGyver when he is first recruited by a clandestine organisation looking to make use of his problem solving smarts. Wan is still attached, and will likely direct the pilot to be written by Paul Downs Colaizzo.

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